Church Thought

The “prosperity gospel” is a well-known theological current emerging from the neo-Pentecostal evangelical movements. At its heart is the belief that God wants his followers to have a prosperous life, that is, to be rich, healthy and happy. This type of Christianity places the well-being of the believer at the center of prayer, and turns… Read the full article

Bitcoin is the virtual currency par excellence. Barely a day goes by without it being in the news, either due to wild swings in value, or the multiple reactions it provokes. There are many who argue it should be regulated, and some even suggest banning it, such as the Nobel Prize winning economists, Joseph Stiglitz[1]… Read the full article

Ian Graeme Barbour (1923-2013) was someone rather rare: a physicist and a theologian. Born in Beijing, in the course of his studies in Chicago he was the assistant of Enrico Fermi and, after graduating in physics, he began work as a physicist at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. He later applied himself to the study of… Read the full article

Introduction The last two decades have seen the emergence of new nongovernmental transnational entities that substantially influence the life of African nations. For this reason, the current president of the African Union (AU), Alpha Condé, strongly affirmed that Africa’s problems are primarily due to external influences.[1] The impact that companies have on the environment falls… Read the full article