Church Life

Buddhism presents itself to the public in a subtler way in comparison to other faiths, offering an alternative way for people on a religious quest. Throughout many Christian communities, silence and meditation are no longer connected exclusively to religious practice. There are numerous opportunities for reflection, and some of them have an Asian origin. This… Read the full article

In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (EG), Pope Francis writes about several principles that should be followed while pursing the common good. One principle is “realities are more important than ideas” (231-233). He returns to this principle in Laudato Si’ (LS), where he invites us to confront the ecological crisis by thinking about the common… Read the full article

Arvo Pärt was born September 11, 1935, in Paide, Estonia, at that time part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Pärt began to learn to play the piano and other musical instruments at an early age. Following his military service, he attended the Tallinn Conservatory. The professors there were strongly influenced by the music… Read the full article

In order to trace the pope’s political map of the world and grasp the roots of his international politics, we must avoid simplification and find the right keys to interpretation. It is useful to start from his biographical and cultural roots, but it is also necessary to go beyond this. We may distinguish four aspects… Read the full article

Doubt is a watchword of modernity. The key philosopher of doubt is René Descartes, according to him it is most useful because “doubt frees us from any sort of prejudice; it prepares for us an easy pathway to habituate our spirit to be detached from the senses, and lastly thanks to it we can no… Read the full article

Burundi has been going through a period of grave political uncertainty since the contested presidential elections of 2015. There is a danger that civil war could explode at any moment. Attempts at mediation at the regional level have been ineffective or less than credible. The international community’s diplomatic pressure has proved to be equally ineffectual…. Read the full article

Through a personal testimony, this article offers a brief but rich reflection on fantasy literature and science fiction from a Catholic perspective. It also seeks to explain why there are so many Catholics among the best-known science fiction writers. They enable us to frame the relationship between science and religion from a particular point of… Read the full article